Entrepreneurship is in good hands Richard Verkley


Richard Verkley is one of them whose daunting success as a business person couldn’t undermine his love for people and that is the reason the people of Ecuador know him for his social welfare while the rest of the world praises him for his brilliance as an enterpriser.

Richard Verkley

The modern era has brought with it increasing clouds of scrutiny over what entrepreneurship effectively means, what is its scope and how does it benefit the wider community. These concerns are especially voiced in underdeveloped countries. Considering the importance of budding entrepreneurs for the economy who contribute in small but critical doses, indifferent attitudes towards entrepreneurship might not be a good sign. But thanks to people like Richard Verkley, entrepreneurship remains the thing for the future.  

Some insights into the personality of Richard Verkley

Although he considers himself an ordinary down to earth person, the masses of Ecuador know him as their hero. He works as a leadership enthusiast conducting sessions and lectures on how to develop oneself. But that’s not the only thing he does. He also works as a part time human rights activist. He has founded several foundations and organizations that strive towards helping the local…

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