Farpoint Mining with Richard Verkley


Richard Verkley

Far Point Mining is a small environment-friendly mining company dealing with gold mining in Ecuador. Ever since the Ecuador’s president Correa decided to re-open the gold mining industry Richard Verkley, Stan Grist and Robert Gordon  joined forces into exploring the wealth of South American nature and started their business in gold mining with Richard Verkley as the Chief Executive Officer.Far Point Mining was founded in 2012. With the cause and goal of exploration the Ecuador’s landscapes and bringing new investors to South America, with complete environmental consciousness in protecting nature. Far Point Mining Company has taken initiative of participating in government’s project of revival of mining industry. Since Ecuador’s land is rich in copper, silver, gold and minerals, mining industry can make a great opportunity for new job positions and new investors, which can help economy’s improvement. Even though the company was founded in 2012 after long negotiations lead by…

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7 thoughts on “Farpoint Mining with Richard Verkley

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