A Man of the Times


In recent times, entrepreneurship has been on the rise; small, new businesses have become crucial to the development of a country’s economy. This is especially true in developing countries like Ecuador, where there was already apathy towards new companies. However, thanks to men and women like Richard Verkley, newer enterprises have little to worry about.

Who is Richard Verkley?

Not much is known about this business giant’s personal life. Married and a Canadian national, he and his wife have a permanent residence in Ecuador. He himself is currently the CEO of Farpoints Metals and Mining.

Although he believes himself to be just like everybody else, many in Ecuador consider Richard Verkley their messiah. Well-known as both a businessman and a philanthropist, he has taken entrepreneurship to a whole new level. With the help of his wife, he has established numerous foundations and organizations to help the poor in Ecuador, and considers himself an environmentalist.

Through his actions, Richard Verkley has shown that success is not just about the money in one’s bank or the properties one owns or the people under one’s control: it is about the strength of one’s character and the impact of one’s actions on the world.

Richard Verkley’s Achievements

  • Perhaps his biggest achievement is the creation of The Heart of Gold Foundation, whose sole purpose is to provide other local charities with the funding and support they need to continue helping those in need. Through this, they hope to make a change starting from the grass roots level, in an effort to make sustainable growth and development in Ecuador. Farpoints, the company that he runs, is one of the biggest supporters of The Heart of Gold Foundation.
  • Richard Verkley also has a video channel through which he provides entrepreneurs training of basic business skills, concepts and tricks, as well as emphasizing the importance of “green” businesses – those which are charitable as well as environmentally friendly. Through these series of videos, which he updates regularly, he imparts his knowledge of running a business, organization of a franchise and project management.
  • Not only does he talk the talk, but Richard Verkley walks the walk – his company, Farpoints Metals and Mining, is at the forefront of the environmental movement, having practised environmentally friendly mining techniques since before 2011, the year Richard Verkley became its CEO. One of the key features of his goal is to instil awareness in people, as he believes that change can only come when people are equipped with the right knowledge.
  • His team also works on other, non-industrial projects, such as planting trees to recreate the forests that have been decimated due to excessive deforestation, as well as the creation of pet stations to assist the large amounts of starving and diseased pets on the streets.
  • It is not just enough for him to be successful himself: Richard Verkley and a team of dedicated members are also continuously working on attracting foreign investors in an effort create employment in Ecuador.

As can be seen, Richard Verkley has changed the face of Ecuador as we know it, helping make it a better and brighter place to live in.


Entrepreneurship is in good hands Richard Verkley


Richard Verkley is one of them whose daunting success as a business person couldn’t undermine his love for people and that is the reason the people of Ecuador know him for his social welfare while the rest of the world praises him for his brilliance as an enterpriser.

Richard Verkley

The modern era has brought with it increasing clouds of scrutiny over what entrepreneurship effectively means, what is its scope and how does it benefit the wider community. These concerns are especially voiced in underdeveloped countries. Considering the importance of budding entrepreneurs for the economy who contribute in small but critical doses, indifferent attitudes towards entrepreneurship might not be a good sign. But thanks to people like Richard Verkley, entrepreneurship remains the thing for the future.  

Some insights into the personality of Richard Verkley

Although he considers himself an ordinary down to earth person, the masses of Ecuador know him as their hero. He works as a leadership enthusiast conducting sessions and lectures on how to develop oneself. But that’s not the only thing he does. He also works as a part time human rights activist. He has founded several foundations and organizations that strive towards helping the local…

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